PARIS is the world’s first true virtual studio. 
Its powerful software gives you total and  confident control by seamlessly integrating digital audio 
editing and mixing, signal routing, effect processing and DSP into a single  extremely powerful 
yet intuitive environment.


The PARIS recording system is modular. Depending on what you spend on the hardware, 
you get more or less performance. My system is a 48 track configuration. For small projects 
and demos, that doesn't matter much. But for a band EP or full length album, it's awesome.

EDS Cards / Recording Cards

I have three EDS cards installed in my computer. Each EDS enables: 16 tracks of "live" recording 
and mixing with real-time effects with no computer latency at all. 64 channels of EQ, + compression, 
gating, stereo reverb and stereo chorus, etc. All parameters for EQs and FX are controlled by the 
software and stored on the hard drive for total recall of all project settings.

With a 48 track configuration I can dedicate a discrete 16 channel submix to a specific instrument group. 
Generally, my approach is to "track" into one 16 channel submix, then separate the instruments and vocals 
into their own 16 channel submixes. Then start overdubs, edits and mixes.
In the end I have three 16 ch submixes, and three editors: a submix for vocals, one for instruments like guitars, bass, and keys, 
and one for drums. Since each submix  has it's own hardware-based effects card, each mixer has dynamics and 
spatial  effects dedicated to the particular instruments in that mix. It's like having racks of processors patched into 
your mixer, with total recall of every parameter for mixing editing and automation!




This first picture shows a 16 channel submix across 2, 19" monitor displays. On the left hand monitor, the 16 
individual channel strips are displayed. On the right hand monitor, the 8 fx returns and master volume are displayed.





PARIS is the world’s first true virtual studio. Its powerful software gives you total and confident control by 
seamlessly integrating digital audio editing and mixing, signal routing, effect processing and DSP into a single 
extremely powerful yet intuitive environment.

A friendly and inviting interface make it easy to do everything from recording your first track to mastering 
a complex final mix with integrated automated studio effects. With PARIS recording, arranging, and mixing 
are logical, intuitive, and lightning-fast -- just what you’d expect from award-winning Intelligent Devices: the 
group with more innovative Digital Audio Workstation design experience than any other designers.

The interface is designed to be ready to work for you right out of the box, but it is also fully customizable! 
You control what appears on your screen. You can add EQs, move modules to the positions where you 
want them, and even decide how much detail is displayed in the mixer components -- from full physical 
emulation to data-only displays.

Non-destructive object-oriented editing lets you arrange audio within a common editor by using familiar 
cut-and-paste tools. A traditional linear edit mode presents you with the track-based display that you 
are used to. But when you need the extra room to create and explore, PARIS grows with you by offering 
a unique free-form edit mode that transcends all track and layer boundaries. This is truly the fastest and 
most powerful editor in the world!

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